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Best Mobile Storage Containers in California

At Quality Storage Container, we specialize in providing mobile storage containers in California, to meet the demands of various industries and personal needs. Our containers are ideal for anyone needing reliable, secure, and accessible storage solutions on the go. Whether you are in the construction industry or retail or need extra space for your agricultural equipment, our mobile storage containers provide the flexibility and security you need. Our mobile storage containers are constructed from durable, high-quality materials designed to withstand the elements and protect your belongings. Available in multiple sizes, from the compact 20-foot to the expansive 45-foot, these containers cater to a broad range of storage capacities. Additionally, each container features easy-access doors and can be customized with shelving, locking systems, and other modifications to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that whatever your project, we have the setup to support it. We understand the importance of convenience for our clients. Therefore, we offer fast, reliable delivery and setup throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Florida. Our team works closely with you to determine the best placement for your container and ensure it meets all local regulations and requirements. Finding a mobile storage container for sale in California, has never been this easy, but Quality Storage Container made it so. Here are several types of containers ideal for storage purposes:
  1. One-Trip Containers

One-Trip Containers are like-new, high-quality shipping containers that have made only one trip from China to the USA. They are ideal for businesses needing secure shipping and pristine storage, especially for sensitive items like pharmaceuticals and electronics.

  1. IICL Containers

IICL Containers are maintained for 7-10 years, meeting the Institute of International Containers Lessors standards. Despite minor cosmetic dents and light surface rust, they maintain excellent structural integrity. Ideal for exporters and importers, they offer reliable performance for frequent shipping cycles.

  1. Cargo Worthy Containers

Cargo Worthy Containers, around 12 years old, are thoroughly inspected and certified for active shipping use. They feature dents and surface rust but remain weather-resistant with durable doors, floors, and seals. Ideal for industries like manufacturing and large-scale retail, they are perfect for heavy or overseas shipping.

  1. Wind & Water Tight

Although no longer considered Cargo Worthy, these containers are more affordable and have working doors. They will not have holes but will feature more dents and surface rust–mostly due to age or wear. Depending on your storage needs, this container grade will remain a solid choice.

  1. As-Is

This is our most affordable box. As the name implies, they are sold in the condition they are in. Containers in this grade may or may not have holes, dents, and rust. The most common use for these containers is storing hay, big toys, tractors, and weather-resistant items. Please note that they are not meant to store fine furnishings or similar valuables.

Enjoy Optimal Mobile Storage Solutions

When you decide to buy mobile shipping containers in California, always look for a reliable seller like Quality Storage Container. Our mobile shipping containers are perfect for businesses looking for cost-effective, secure, and flexible options to store or transport goods. They are particularly valuable for sectors like construction, where tools, materials, and equipment require protection from theft and weather.

Our containers are designed to be both functional and durable, offering long-lasting security without maintenance headaches. With features such as corrosion-resistant steel and weatherproof seals, they stand up to the toughest conditions, ensuring your contents stay safe. For businesses expanding their operations or needing temporary storage during peak times, these containers provide an ideal solution that can be easily relocated as required.

These containers can be repurposed across multiple sites and uses, extending their lifecycle and offering an environmentally friendly storage option. Furthermore, our expert team is committed to helping you select the right container to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, whether you’re storing high-value merchandise or bulky materials.

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Locally Recognized and Trusted

With over 14 years of dedicated service, we have been recognized with awards and accolades, including a 2016 Best of California Award in the Shipping Service Category.

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Our mobile storage containers come in various sizes and can be equipped with additional features like shelving and secure locks modified to your requirements.

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Based in California, we guarantee quick delivery and setup, ensuring that your mobile storage solution is ready when and where you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a variety of sizes, including 20′, 40′, and 45′ mobile storage containers, available in standard and high cube options to suit diverse storage needs.

We pride ourselves on fast and efficient service. Delivery times may vary, but we typically arrange for delivery shortly after the order is finalized.

Yes, we offer various grades, including like-new one-trip containers, cargo-worthy containers, and budget-friendly wind and water-tight options.